It’s never too cold for gelato!

Nhi Tran


These days the temperature falls below 10 degrees Celsius in Kyoto.
Although it’s freezing outside and I have trouble getting out of bed every morning, I enjoy curling up under the blanket at night and the cool morning breeze on my face.
It’s time to wear a few more layers of clothing, which I rarely have the chance to do in Ho Chi Minh City.

Many of you may not agree with me on this, but it’s also time to enjoy some cold treats like gelato or ice cream.
Gelato lovers won’t need a reason to eat gelato even when it’s cold, but for those who are still doubtful about this, I’ll tell you some good reasons why it’s never too cold for gelato.


First of all, our Gelateria is less crowded and you can enjoy your peaceful time in a warm and cozy place. You won’t have to wait too long for your gelato, and we’d be more than happy to let you taste a few more flavors.

Second, it’s the best news that your gelato won’t melt as quickly as in summer time. So take your time enjoying the real taste of gelato without worries!

Another interesting fact, our customers are telling us that they felt chilled in their mouths but afterwards their bodies didn’t get cold at all.
This can be explained by the ingredients we use in our gelato.
To prevent cold and blood circulation problem, instead of using refined white sugar that have lost all of its minerals during the processing, we use beet sugar, brown sugar from Miyako Island, sugar from fermented grains, fruit sugars,… for our gelato.
We also use the best quality coral powder from Yonaguni Island, containing 16 kinds of essential minerals and 70 types of ocean minerals. Because of its high content of calcium, magnesium and iron, it can help speed up your energy metabolism, thus prevent coldness inside your body.

After all, eating gelato and ice cream always makes you feel good, whatever mood you’re in.
And these’re not seasonal products, so it’s a good thing that you can enjoy these treats all year round.
It’s never too cold for a comfort food that can heal your heart and bring a smile to your face!



  • 自然食屋が、そのノウハウの全てを注ぎ込んだ京都のジェラート店
  • イタリアジェラート協会 国際コンテスト3年連続複数部門受賞
  • 正統イタリアン・ジェラートでありながら、和素材を生かしている
  • 機能素材やスーパーフードを多用し、罪悪感ゼロで楽しめる
  • 日本最大級のヴィーガン、ノンミルクジェラートの品揃え
  • 安価で味の粗いサトウキビ由来の白砂糖は一切不使用
  • 合成乳化剤・合成安定剤、合成食品添加物は一切不使用
  • 主に外国人から特別に高い評価を受け、行列になる日もある
  • チーフ・ジェラティエーレ(ジェラート職人)は中川信男
  • 前代未聞の「ジェラートのすべてが米素材100%」も各種開発
  • 「食べたら血流が増加する」という公的試験機関データあり
  • 京都でフードバリアを超えるというプロジェクトを立ち上げ
    Beyond “Food barrier”! 参照 )
  • 私たちが作るジェラートは「心の薬である」と真剣に希求