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Been to the festival yet?

Ciao gelato lovers!

This month in Kyoto we have Gion Matsuri.



It’s the first time for me to be in Kyoto during this time. I’ve visited 前祭・宵山 (Saki-matsuri Yoiyama) to feel a heat that I’ve never experienced before.


I’ve been talking to the customers for sometime now, learning many things about Kyoto from them.

It’s not only the locals that tell me about this city, but also talking with tourists I can learn so much! They know many spots that I should visit, they know many cultures that I should feel and learn…

I was actually not willing to visit the festival (not a big fan of crowded place), but talking to them made me want to feel it!

So I went, and I…. loved it!


I think it’s great that whole city is keeping this tradition; it’s not an easy thing for the big city like this with so many people to keep everything under control.

The festival will end in the end of this month, I will try to learn a bit more about the history of Gion Matsuri, and talk to you guys about it while you have your gelato 😉

(Please don’t get annoyed, I’m enjoying chatting with you  🙂 )


Since the festival started, our summer has started.

As you know we have flavors only you can have during this season…

Come and eat before it’s gone, I’m saying otherwise you’ll regret it.

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