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We are ready for the vegan gelato! Are you?

We’ve officially started serving the vegan gelato as our menu!

From now on you will be able to taste the gelato scooped right in front of you.

Thanks to “Pozzetti”, containers placed inside the counter and covered with lids, the gelato will be at it’s best!


Talking about storing gelatos…


“Pozzetti” is the traditional italian way to store the gelato.

Some might think “why do you want to hide the gelato inside the container?”


Well, we’ve got the answer for that;)

Pozzetti is great in many ways but especially it maintains the freshness and taste.

Since our gelato is made with high quality ingredients it is very important to keep the gelato in the best state.

Ooh! I forgot to mention.. we don’t use any preservations! so don’t worry about that:)


We will be open from 12.00 tomorrow!

Come join us!





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