Color of Pistachio

megumi kawasaki


Ciao gelato lovers!

Do you know anything about food additives?

Let me talk about the colour of pistacio flavour today.

There was a comment on the internet about our pistachio gelato saying that “It’s so rich and delicious even though the colour is not like pistachio!”

I’m very sorry if you think bright green color is what pistacio gelato looks like.

Because it’s not.

A surprising fact that was revealed after entering to this confectionery industry was that how much fake ingredients they use for all kinds of confections!
Also, how they think it’s normal to add coloring agents and preservatives to it.
If you want to know what ingredients people use for their products, just simply go check back of shops for their garbage.
Sometimes even a shop that mentions “Preservatives Free!”, their garbage tells that they are not.
Or a fancy place where provides pretty expensive services, their garbage tells that they use very cheap ingredients.

Maybe those flavoring agents are not used, but instead, eggs are added to increase its richness without using so much of expensive pistachio paste. 

The secret of our pistachio flavour is that we only use the one from Sicily, Italy.

Their pistachio has superior richness and aroma to others grown in other part of the world.

You can get cheaper pistachio from Iran, Turkey or the U.S. but they might contain Aflatoxin, a carcinogenic toxin.

So we think that their pistachio is not as safe as the one from Italy.

However, even Italian pistachio can be tricky sometimes.

We bought one of very famous Italian brand pistachio paste for a sample.
Very expensive, but surprisingly “青色一号 (Brilliant Blue FCF)” was still used.

“Brilliant Blue FCF” is the coloring agent that is known as very toxic and carcinogenic substance for human bodies.
It is often used for fizzy drinks, snacks or sweets. Especially in snacks for children.
We wish that they at least use chlorella for green color, but unfortunately if you see pistachio with a color of vivid green, you can assume that it’s the work of this coloring agent.

Normally producers don’t think about consumer’s health.
Simply because it won’t make any profits for them.

As we are natural food store, we can’t close our eyes for this issue.
However even revealing all these facts won’t make much difference for people’s choices.
So sadly Japan is still a country that uses food additives and pesticides.
It’s our responsibility to make right choices for yourself and your children.

That’s why there is more important thing for us than just producing “photogenic food”!

We don’t use either coloring agent or eggs, it is the true color of pistachio and true flavor of pistachio.

Come and have a scoop today at our shop. We open from 12 to 18pm except wednesdays 🙂



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  • 安価で味の粗いサトウキビ由来の白砂糖は一切不使用
  • 合成乳化剤・合成安定剤、合成食品添加物は一切不使用
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