A day at the Gelateria | ジェラテリアで一日



Ciao Gelato lovers!

It finally snowed yesterday didn’t it? It was less but enough. Today the sun is back in action into being the most brightest object in the universe, making Kyoto a bit more warmer than the past few days! Which means, lets have gelato!

But wait, are you one of those people who wonder what its like to work at a Gelateria? Or the one who always wished to work at a Gelateria? To give you a glimpse of it, this is a short movie (vlog) style article about a day at Premarche Gelateria.

Well, here is what goes on behind the scenes (BTS), depicting the staff taking an order, keeping a check on hygiene and cleanliness, kneading the gelato from one of the containers and the showcase and a bit of information about the showcases used. 

[wpvideo eCn6flOi]

Today’s muse is the incharge of Premarche Gelateria, Hayashi-san, who is seen here giving out tasting spoons to customers. Remember, anyone and everyone can try up to 3 flavors for free, in the first try. If you can’t decide just by the first 3, just for another 100 Yen, you can try 3 more! 

[wpvideo wd5Yzsb0]

Sometimes we love to watch our customers (especially young kids) while they are browsing the shop and eating their gelato. But, if you’re someone who is keen enough to crack a conversation with one of our staff members, please do so as our Gelateria is not only just about gelato but so much more than that (that place in the world that makes everyone smile like a child)! Who knows, you just might find a friend in one of our staff members!

Also, in between the time when we are not serving, we make sure to check if the showcase and the cylindrical styled refrigerator is kept neat and clean. This time, hence, is the best time to strike a conversation with our staff members as they are encouraged to see your smiles, hear your feedback (comments) while eating our gelato and maybe even getting lost in an interesting conversation related or unrelated to gelato (yes, we have customers who visit us frequently to do so!).

[wpvideo WAYHIcjt]

An order is here!

This cylindrical pot type showcase contains most of the vegan flavors and because its in a shape of a tub, to be honest, it seems a bit hard to knead gelato inside it as its stored with two flavors. But our staff is well trained for this and usually take out the container at the bottom in order to knead more perfectly. 

Fun fact: In Italy, every gelateria has this cylindrical pot/tube type of showcase for storing gelato. Why? It is said that if a gelateria doesn’t have such kind of a showcase, people prefer not to visit that gelato shop as these containers confirm the authenticity of the gelato being served there and trust the gelatiere of the gelateria. 

Also, many customers visiting our gelateria, usually miss out the flavors in the cylindrical container-showcase because they are not visible unlike the transparent glass showcase beside it. Henceforth, we want to take this opportunity and inform again about the super delicious flavors stored in the cylindrical showcase and how you’ll be missing out so much if you skip these!

As, not to see is to wait for a surprise!

[wpvideo AC2opZPl]

On the other hand, this is the showcase where you can see our artisans kneading your favorite flavors to perfection!

Wouldn’t you want to taste the combination of your favorite flavor containing healthy minerals, made into one harmonized gelato? If yes, come visit us at the Gelateria!

健康にいいミネラルを含む、あなたの好きなフレーバーの組み合わせを味わってみませんか? はいの場合は、プレマルシェジェラテリアでお越しください!

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  • 機能素材やスーパーフードを多用し、罪悪感ゼロで楽しめる
  • 日本最大級のヴィーガン、ノンミルクジェラートの品揃え
  • 安価で味の粗いサトウキビ由来の白砂糖は一切不使用
  • 合成乳化剤・合成安定剤、合成食品添加物は一切不使用
  • 主に外国人から特別に高い評価を受け、行列になる日もある
  • チーフ・ジェラティエーレ(ジェラート職人)は中川信男
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