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Our Very First Customer

2017 April the year we opened Premarche Gelateria.

After a few days I started working for Prema. Still feeling insecure and excited at the same time what my future is going to be. I was in the middle of induction training, standing in front of customers at the gelateria.

There was this customer who wore roller blades and came into the store. Surprised at first. I have not seen anyone who wore roller blades since I was like 7.

I remember we had a nice chat. Although it was still my first week and I don’t remember half of the conversation because I was so nervous about literally everything.

He came to our store several times during his stay at Kyoto. And he loved our “Mount Fuji:Japanese Chestnuts” flavor which usually contains dairy, but ours doesn’t! It is dairy free and 80% of the ingredients are organic.

He was kind enough to leave us a review on Trip Advisor.

i went to this ice cream shop several times…they do offer milk based ice cream but it is their vegan ice cream which sets this place apart from other ice cream places…and for me, the mt. fuji japanese chestnut flavor was by far the best…additionally the shop offers many healthy pre-packaged items…nobu is the main man behind the counter and he is very gracious, knowledgeable and speaks english fluently…so not only did i always enjoy the vegan ice cream, but i also enjoyed my conversations with nobu and his young children who also speak english fluently…i hope to return again sometime in the future….

As he wrote on the review “..i hope to return again sometime in the future….”.

He really did! After 2 years!!! Wearing roller blades just like 2 years ago. I didn’t need a second to think who this is.

It was Martin!


Unlike 2 years ago I am no more the nervous one. Interacting with the customers and sharing stories is one of the skills I learned in 2 years. Talking with Martin I was really blessed to have positive comments about the decisions I made and who I’ve become in 2 years. And most of all, to know that there are people who are supporting Premarche no matter how far they live.

There were so many things to share how things has changed at Prema and also their personal life. Watching Vegan Gelato Maestro Mr. Nakagawa whose also the CEO of Prema inc. talking with Martin was heartwarming. The conversation went on and on about their life and telling Martin that there are 2 new stores; (Premarché Pizzeria & Alternative Junk and Premarché Gelateria & Alternative Junk @Tokyo). He seemed to be very happy and excited for our next chapter.

We want to thank him not only visiting our store but taking his time to talk with us and  leaving all the kind words to premarhce.

I believe Martin is already back in the US by the time he reads this but I’m already thinking what to talk next time.

Will it be in Kyoto? Tokyo? or maybe somewhere else? Who knows!?

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