The Experience at SIGEP|人生ではじめての国際展示会 SIGEP





Ciao gelato lovers!

It’s all of a sudden… (yes, I know) but here is my story visiting the international trade show for the first time in my life!!! It was for Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and Coffee etc.






ジェラート!ジェラート!ジェラート!という感じで見ているだけでお腹いっぱいになりました。結局、毎日きれいな色のジェラートたちの誘惑に負けて数十種類は食べたと思います。。。 かなり不気味な水色の「ユニコーン」というジェラートがあったり、日本では絶対にみることのできないフレーバーがたくさんありました。




People told me that the exhibition center is huge but the place was far beyond my imagination!
At the trade show there were sectors for raw materials, machinery, interior, software service and so much more.
As I walked pass through the booth what impressed me was the number of gelatos! So many interesting flavors like “Unicorn” “Rose” and gelato inspired by Italian breakfast ;P (It tasted like bread with butter)
The decoration was quite unique. They had this dinosaur egg sized pistachio and coffee beans on top of the gelatos which I thought outstanding.




I did not go to the trade show only to see the colorful gelatos but to learn. It was the very first time for me to have a business meeting in English. Had no idea what it’s like to greet and talk to people formally. Couldn’t answer the questions even it was about our business.

There were times when people won’t take my words seriously  but most of the people were very friendly and explained their products in details.






I had the opportunity to help Vegan Gelato Maestro Mr. Nakagawa during the International Gelato Contest. Winning a price 2 years in a row is already amazing but what’s more!? He did not use any artificial flavorings or additives. He seemed not so pleasant when the result appeared on the board but what he creates is the BEST. It’s not just ordinary gelatos, it’s more than that. The passion, effort and the will behind it is true victory.

So I will do what I can do to spread the “medicine for your heart”, not confectionery.




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