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A gift from a Customer|お客様からの置き土産

Ciao gelato lovers!

A few days ago there was a customer who really really really liked our gelato. And I want to share the story with you:)


While I was staring my laptop at work there was this customer who told me how much they liked our gelato!!!


Told us how impressed they were with all the different flavors. They seem to travel a lot and probably tried out a bunch of flavors. Although they prefer the classics, they enjoyed the unique flavors like tomato sorbet, brown sugar and others.

“AWESOME!” they told us.

While talking I felt their passion towards gelato. Even they told me it’s one of their interests.




To be honest I never imagined myself managing a gelateria but meeting customers like yesterday always make me realize why I want to keep on working.

It’s not just selling a cold treat that everyone likes, it’s far more than that. YES, we do have more than 40 flavors without using any emulsifier, combining traditional Japanese ingredients etc.

However just like the customer from today I believe they are overwhelmed by the effort, passion and hard work behind the gelato.

And it’s always a great feeling to meet someone whose passionate about something:) Looking forward to meet more customers this season<3






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