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Yesterday while I was translating a document about our functional gelato ingredients, Sachou passed by and shared with me his new creation, emulsifier-free milk based gelato.

Although I didn’t know much about emulsifiers at that time, I could still feel so much pride and a sense of accomplishment in his voice. So this must really be a great achievement he had made.

I was so curious that I began to find out what emulsifiers are. Emulsifiers are added to ice-cream to mix substances such as fat molecules and water, which gives ice-cream a perfectly smooth, non-icy texture, and ensures the ice-cream does not melt rapidly after serving. The original emulsifier for ice cream was egg yolk, now there are quite a variety of emulsifiers used in commercial ice-cream. The fact that it’s impossible to make ice-cream without emulsifiers is believed to be a common sense in food industry.

Since the opening of Premarche Gelateria this April, Sachou has succeeded in make 100% rice gelato, and then vegan flavours began to come out one after another. For non-milk and vegan gelato, he isn’t currently using any emulsifiers. So this new creation means that we now have emulsifier-free gelato for almost all flavors.  It’s still unclear whether emulsifiers has harmful effect on our bodies or not, but still our Sachou has made a new step on on his way to achieve all natural gelato, as well as his journey of challenging food barrier.


You may wonder how our milk-based gelato would taste without any emulsifiers. I haven’t worked at the Gelateria for a while and miss it so much. I returned today to find a new light yellow flavor, but it turned out to be vanilla without emulsifiers. It tastes less creamy but leaves an amazing aftertaste on your tongue. Milk pistachio also tastes less sweet, which is great news for those who don’t have a sweet tooth like me.

Are you curious? Come to our Gelateria now to try out our emulsifier-free vanilla, matcha and pistachio gelato!


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