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Great things take time.

If I were asked “When is the best time to eat gelato?”, my answer would be “Anytime”.
But unfortunately our Gelateria only opens from 12:00 to 18:00.

Whenever a customer walks in before open time, I just can’t help feeling so sorry that we’re not ready yet. But instead of saying no with a troubled face, we’ll explain to the customers that our gelato are still too hard to enjoy at the moment, but they can start with tasting the flavors or have some drinks first while waiting. It may be just one small example, but this helped me to understand more about Japanese Omotenashi spirit in customer services.

This fact about gelato may help you understand why patience is necessary. The serving temperature for gelato is -12 to -14 degrees Celsius. But when not in use, gelato is stored at -8 to -25 degrees Celsius in the freezers. Therefore it takes time for the gelato to soften before being served. Otherwise it would be too hard to knead and put into cup, or too cold for your tongue to feel its true flavor.

Because of the difference in storage and serving temperature, the preparation at Gelateria begins at 10:00 every morning to make sure we have enough time. The procedure includes cleaning with towels, turning on the equipment, refilling materials, and setting up the showcase. And when the appropriate temperature is reached, we start taking out the gelato tubs from the freezers and putting them in the display case.

Great things take time. Diamond takes millions of centuries to form. Beautiful gardens take years to grow. And our gelato take about one hour to be at its best.

My advice, not only as a customer but also a Gelateria staff, would be to spare sometime between 12:00 to 18:00 whenever you’re in the mood for our gelato.

But if you don’t mind waiting, try being an early bird, enjoy a cup of coffee and talking to our staff, it surely will improve your gelato experience at our place.

And for those who want gelato after six, we also have take out with dry ice, so it’s possible that you can store gelato in your freezer at home, then enjoy your favorite gelato after dinner.

Again, our gelato are ready for you from 12:00 to 18:00, and we are closed only on Wednesday.

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