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The story in me

After 2 month working at Premarche Gelateria I learned many lessons from not only the staffs but also from the customers.

Today I want to share my story with you:)

My journey at Prema started last year when I was a university student.
Working as an intern I didn’t have a clue about the next adventure that is about to start.

I previously worked at a natural food store, izakaya, cafe and so on (while partly studying).
So I was able to somehow image what it’s going to be like working at a gelato shop.

But the thing is…
It’s not just an ordinary gelato store.

Even a single flavor there’s so many passion and effort.
The people who made these gelato never compromises on what they are doing.
And what’s more, to overcome food barriers there’s dairy free gelato, pure vegan gelato and milk based gelato.
So that each and every one can enjoy a cup full of delicious gelatos.

A few days ago there was a customer from Hong Kong.
She sent us an email even before coming to Japan.
Meeting in person I was really happy and what made me happier was seeing her (and her family) big smile.
She’s probably the first and the last person who will have 8 flavors in only 2 days:p

What I’m trying to say here is that there really is a place where people can be happy from the bottom of the heart.
I definitely can not learn this at school or anywhere else but Premarche Gelateria.

So thank you for having me as part of it:)


We will be open from 12.00-18.00 today.

Try our gelato for that satuday feeling!



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