Do you know SDGs?SDGsご存知ですか。

Mariam El-Hakim


This is not an abbreviation that relates to Gelato making process or anything like that. This time I would like to talk about something completely different yet connected to the concept of our whole business here in Prema i.e.Sustainability. Which brings us to SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals.

I am not going to go into details of SDGs since I am no expert and I didnt know much about it to be honest till one month ago when I joined Prema. So I dont think I am fit to explain it. But what I would like to do is sharing some points that I have realized when I read about SDGs.

When I first read about these 17 global goals that contribute to the sustainability of our world that is suffering a lot right now, my first impression was (Can our world problems be broken down into 17 points like that? And does the numbering highlights priority?)

Well, the colors and symbols did help in understanding the whole idea about each goal, but it was only when I read further into each single goal that I realized something…

The goal listing does look deconstructed. And the numbers do give an impression that you need to go from one goal then move to the other. That is why when I first read it I felt very powerless and insignificant, I am just one individual. How can I hit all these targets intentionally?

But when I thought more about it, I realized that they are in fact deeply connected together. One single action towards a single goal can actually have a major ripple effect to reach other goals. Like pinball game or a complicated version of snakes and ladders.

So when I thought about it from another angle. Ex: I can focus on a thing that I am good at right now and by means of ripple effect it can reach further places than I ever planned or expected.

This realization made me more conscious about my actions and how important they can be even if the changes made are not visible to me.

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