ヴィーガンディナー|Vegan Dinner




Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the post I wrote about my ‘Vegan Lunch’ experience. Continuing the same journey, yesterday I was joined by my housemates – Ms. Nhi, intern and friend from Vietnam and Ms. Kawasaki, who holds an avid interest in vegan lifestyle, at Cafe Phalam for a dinner date. So, let me start by introducing the task again for our new readers!


Waiting for Kawasaki-san | 河﨑さんを待っている間


A vegan’s food restrictions are as follows:-

  • 肉不使用 (No meat)
  • 牛乳不使用 (No dairy products)
  • 卵不使用 (No eggs)
  • 蜂蜜不使用 (No honey)
  • 動物性食材不使用 (No animal product)

タスクの説明 | Task


From the viewpoint of a vegan, we tried to find a restaurant that caters to vegan customers, experience it and report the problems we faced while searching for such a restaurant and what kind of judgement went into deciding the restaurant that we ended up going to.


Desired qualifications of the desired restaurant,

  • ウィガンダイエットに従る食事
    • A restaurant that caters to vegan customers
  • 食事種類・品質
    • Variety of vegan options and its quality
  • 値段
    • Price
  • ロケーション
    • Location
  • レビュー(Happy Cow, Tripadvisor, Facebook etc)
    • Ratings on various SNS sites
  • ウェブサイトで載せてある情報 :信頼性チェック
    • Official website of the restaurant to check its authenticity

面白いことで、ロゴにある字はサンスクリット語で、母語と似ています!パランの意味は「果物」です。| Interestingly, the characters inside the drawing of the logo is Sanskrit (similar to Hindi which is my mother tongue)! The word ‘Phalam’ means ‘fruits’.

今回は、グーグルマップを使わずに、Beyond Food Barrierプロジェクトのリーダー、斉藤さんに勧められた二条駅前の近くにあるカフェパランであり、行く前にカフェの公式サイトでメニューをちゃんと確認していきました。私たちの場合は、日本語のみである公式サイトに載せてあるメニューをどうにかして理解できたが、英語しかわからない他の外国人の観光客が行く前にも行かないように決めてしまうこともあるでしょうと思いました。ベジタリアンメニューで「ハタケ定食」というアイテムが一番美味しそうに見えたので、注文したい食事を考えておき、楽しみにしていました。

Instead of relying on Google Maps this time, we wanted to try out someone’s recommendation and thankfully, our Beyond Food Barrier project leader Mr. Saito, recommended us to visit Cafe Phalam which is located in the vicinity of Nijo station. Before leaving for the restaurant we checked the menu and were surprised to find its website only in Japanese language despite hearing that many foreigners visit this cafe plus restaurant. In our case, we could manage with the task of trying to understand the menu in Japanese language but in my opinion, foreign tourists who don’t understand Japanese language might give up going to the restaurant just because they don’t understand the menu and miss out on a good vegan food experience. In their vegetarian menu, I found ‘Hatake Set Meal’ the most mouth-watering of all (as per the picture on the menu) and was excited to order it.


ヴィーガンケーキ | Vegan cakes


Situated only 15 min walk from the company, Cafe Phalam is located in Nakagyo-ku, 24 Nishinokyo Hokuseicho 1F Shin Nijyo building. My first impression of the cafe was the display racks with various vegan products (snacks, vegan oil, vegan cookies and cake etc). This gave me a sense of relief that yes, this place is vegan friendly! But, as soon as I saw the menu of the combo meal, one of the items in the meal was explained as ‘Omelette of Tofu’ in English which surprised me and made me wonder if it was made using tofu and egg. As I checked the other items on the dinner menu, they were all burgers (Teriyaki, veg and cheese burger) and as my personal diet choice, I avoid eating burgers. Hence, for a moment I hesitated with the idea of giving up on tonight’s dinner. Luckily, the staff could converse in English and on asking about this, they let me know that the item is made of only pure tofu (with an omelette texture) and guaranteed that under no circumstances, the restaurant makes sure to serve their vegetarian options using pure veggies only.  Also, we all found the prices to be a bit expensive but agreed on the fact that the salad’s taste and service made it all worth it.


注文した定食の説明は上の写真のようです。| The explanation of the combo meal.


My thoughts on this experience


I understand the concern when a restaurant serves vegan food but is not completely 100% vegan. The reason why this bothers me is because in India, if a restaurant’s serves vegetarian, then it usually makes sure that even the kitchen used for preparing vegetarian food is free of any kind of animal product. This is done to make sure that the vegan customers feel relieved while having their meal and form stronger trust in that particular restaurant. I still haven’t found a 100% vegan restaurant in Kyoto and hence, while being curious, I will try my best of find one!


  • 近い場所にある(二条城にも近い)
  • 簡単に到達できる
  • 英語のできるスタッフ
  • ウィガン食事に対して、スタッフの知識

Except that it caters to vegan customers, summarizing some other plus points of Cafe Phalam:

  • Nearby location (near to Nijo castle as well)
  • Easily reachable
  • Staff that converses in English
  • Awareness of the staff towards vegan food requirements

このディナー体験から学んだ教訓は、食事制限で色々な食べ物は限定される結果、メニューのどこかがわからかったら、遠慮なく疑問が残らないようにスタッフに確認してもらったほうがいいということです。そして、ヴィーガンの方々が直面しているもう一つの苦労がわかりました。これからも、ジェラテリアまたはBEYOND FOOD BARRIERプロジェクトでどんな食事制限でも、みんなが一つの場所で食事を楽しめるように頑張るという意志が強くなってきました。

The things I learnt from this dinner experience is that as a result of restrictions on food options, if one doesn’t understand the menu, without any hesitation, we should make sure to inquire our doubts with the staff before ordering otherwise we may miss out on some very delicious vegan food. And this is how I understood another new type of problem faced by the people with food limitations. Hence, this experience has strengthened my will even further to work towards creating a place where people of all diet types can enjoy a meal.

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  • 日本最大級のヴィーガン、ノンミルクジェラートの品揃え
  • 安価で味の粗いサトウキビ由来の白砂糖は一切不使用
  • 合成乳化剤・合成安定剤、合成食品添加物は一切不使用
  • 主に外国人から特別に高い評価を受け、行列になる日もある
  • チーフ・ジェラティエーレ(ジェラート職人)は中川信男
  • 前代未聞の「ジェラートのすべてが米素材100%」も各種開発
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