Ramblings of an ice-cream enthusiast(1): A fate meeting with a guilt-free gelato! | アイス好きな人の一言その(1)罪悪感のないジェラートとの出逢い

Mariam El-Hakim



If you are reading this, I presume you are another fellow ice-cream enthusiast looking for a new opportunity to pleasure your taste buds with rich flavors…if so I welcome you in my realm of ramblings.

Starting today I will try to guide you through my new family that I joined not so long ago “Premarché Gelateria”; it is a Kyoto-based natural, vegan-friendly gelato shop found in Kyoto’s longest shopping district “Sanjo”.

So why did I choose to talk about this gelato shop? Is the guilt free thing an empty propaganda or the real deal?

Well for the first question, for someone who just cannot say no to cold treats and stuffs her face in ice cream when no one is looking, I was genuinely impressed by the new revolutionary taste that “Premarché Gelateria” is offering in their shop. About 40 different flavors not to mention the season exclusive ones…talk about making hard decisions! You just have to see how our customers hesitate before choosing their favorite flavor to order (I kind of like that expression to be honest). Plus for an award-wining gelato shop I believe more people should know about this place. So in my own awkward attempt, I will do my best to let more people know about our happiness-inducing gelato!

As for the guilt free bit, Premarché Gelateria offers all their flavors with no chemical additives, no caster white sugar whatsoever. Instead they replace them with nutritional substitutes and minerals WITHOUT ruining your gelato experience at all, and keeping the core flavor untouched. It is a recreation that Premarché Gelateria’s founder; NOBUO NAKAGAWA (a Gelatiere himself) has been working on for almost 20 years! This sounds too good to be true I know, but if you have any doubts please come visit us and have a taste for yourself.

Premarché Gelateria just wants you to happily devour their gelato on your cheat day(s) without an ounce of guilt! Because let’s be honest, nothing beats eating a tasteful gelato knowing that you won’t gain extra pounds from it. For an ice-cream lover to work in a gelato shop…this is a true fated encounter indeed!

Next time, I will review our halloween exclusive flavors…stay tuned!

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  • 合成乳化剤・合成安定剤、合成食品添加物は一切不使用
  • 主に外国人から特別に高い評価を受け、行列になる日もある
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