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SDGs &MelSDGsと私

This was the theme of our presentation in Japan Environmental Education Forum (JEEF: http://www.jeef.or.jp/english/ )`s organized event called (Kiyosato Meeting; http://www.jeef.or.jp/activities/kiyosato/ ). It discusses different environmental-related topics and gathers people from all over the world. This time I believe it was the first time an Arab every participated!! We turned a lot of heads trust me…

This year was its 33rd meeting with an interesting theme called (Developing and Preparing human resources to live in an ambiguous era with no definite answer). It was the first time I participate in these kind of events but I am interested in topics related sustainable environment so I was looking forward to this event for a while.

Panel Discussion time! I look tired but It was fun talking to a lot of people and letting them know about our journey to SDGs recognition

The presentation revolved mainly around our perception of SDGs then drawing connection between it and the work we do in Prema. Not just that we looked further into our work/activities that we used to do in Egypt to try finding if there is a connection as well.

To our surprise, Hadil and Myself discovered that we are contributing a lot in SDGs grand scheme, which was very encouraging and motivating! Either working here in Japan (Developed country) or in Egypt (Developing Country), change can still be made. The pace and intensity vary of course but it is still as important in my opinion.

These kind of topics (Whether our topic or the topics of this whole meeting) are tricky to be honest with you, they do have an introduction, a body, helping materials and so on, but there is no conclusion. It leaves you with a rather sense of dissatisfaction. Because as answer seekers we strife for closures, the full point at the end of a sentence. These meetings are different, I think the main reason is leaving you as a participant in a puzzled state like that so you can figure out the answer for yourself.

It has a been a while since I felt this kind of puzzlement, I think the last time I felt like that was when I used to analyze old literary works in college.

There was no clear cut answer/conclusion to our presentation nor the meeting in the end, but the thinking process was enlightening on so many levels.

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