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Ramblings of an ice-cream enthusiast (4)The struggle when asked about my favorite flavor…アイス好きな人の一言その(4)一番好きなフレーバーは何ですかと聞かれるとき。。。

When you are a huge fan of Gelato it is such a tricky and sadistic question in my opinion when someone asks me (so, what is your favorite flavor?) I get such a mind block when someone asks me to narrow down my wide variety of my beloved flavors to choose one to be crowned the winner. Same when someone asks me about my favorite anime or video game…omg the horror!


I understand the harmless intention of the question, but for an obsessive like me person to be asked something like that…it becomes some sort of torture…let me tell you why.


For me at least, my favorite flavors, anime, games…etc are like my dear children. So when someone asks me to pick one only, I feel like I have abandoned the others and I feel so bad…I can feel I dont even have the right sometimes to eat them now that I have not chosen them…the guilt is huge guys.


I sometimes even grunt when I try answering, to that fact that the other person would apologize for making me wonder like that.


But I try to conform to social norms by answering this question, but only with the recent flavors that I ate so I would feel less guilty about it. It is the freshest thing I have in my mind.


So, how about you? Are the type that spills his favorite things in a heartbeat or suffer internally like moi?


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