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Ramblings of an ice-cream enthusiast(3): From Gelato EATER to Gelato KNEADER | アイス好きな人の一言その(3):ジェラート消費者から店員に!

First I apologize for the cheap pun…even I cringed when I wrote it but that’s all I can come up with now…

When I first joined Premarché about 3 weeks ago, the first thing that I was asked was to start helping with the shop after getting to know the ropes from the manager; opening preparation, Gelato handling, and of course serving Gelato to customers!

Coming from a pure administrative background I was terrified to shift from being a customer to a service provider…its not an easy job for a stress ball like me…but it was a chance to approach this world from a different point of view. And it was worth it in retrospect!

Dealing with new customers is the most challenging in my opinion because the shop is pretty unique and you need to guide them to this new world. So you need to be informative but not too much or else they might get bored. And with all these flavors you need to guide them sometimes to make up their minds.

Then we have the big step…kneading Gelato. Oh boy that is something else….my boss makes it look very easy when I used to see her from afar…but once I stood next to her and I tried holding the spatula then putting in in the gelato…reality hit and I was surprised by how stubborn some Gelato flavors can be! I can’t just shape it like I want at all! It takes so much arm strength to be able to mold them and put it in the cup/cone with style…I was in cold sweat whenever I make an order.

I knew later that some textures are slippery…some are hard…some are normal depending on the flavors and their components. So you need to be aware of that before you start kneading to put in just the right amount of strength.

The fist couple of times I was so focused to perfect the kneading process I forgot to see the customers…once I looked up and I saw all these glowing faces (kids, grown ups alike ) enjoying the Gelato, it was a genuine happy moment for me. It made me forget my stress/worries about serving…

I can now say for sure that a customers satisfactory / kids gleam is totally worth all this trouble!

Thats me in the black suit, holding the spatula trying to make sense of what’s in front of me






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