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As a result of experiencing a vegan lunch and dinner in October, I understood that its too hard to live in Japan as a person with food restrictions (in my case, vegan).


Meanwhile, Ms Kawasaki, who is my senior, friend and housemate, has been trying out many vegan recipes and preparing dishes for the past two months now. And I have to admit that her hard work in food presentation and the taste is getting better little by little.


She shares her food with everyone at the company and waits for their feedback eagerly. After receiving the feedback, whenever she practices the same recipe again, she incorporates all the negative feedback and tries to fix it the best she can. I think its probably because she really wants to let vegans experience a 100% comfortable stay in Japan.


On this note, I hope that Ms Kawasaki will be able to achieve her goal and will be able to overcome the food barrier of overseas people who visit Kyoto. I believe strongly that by using the trial-error method, we can produce much greater results and increase our experiences by knowing our mistakes (but not holding on to them).



Although I will leave out the recipes for your curiosity, here are some of the beautiful food she has tried to prepare so far!


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