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See you later, Nhi

Dear Nhi,

75 days really just go by in a blink of an eye! It all started when you got selected for the internship program and packed your bags to Japan. The feeling of what awaits you in Kyoto is exciting but at the same time nerve wrecking. 

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(As a token of remembrance of her first-ever trip overseas, everyone at the company gifted her an album. As pictures speak louder than words, here are some of those messages)

But now you are leaving a family behind in Kyoto and tons of memories, from the first day at the Gelateria, learning about gelato and our Gelateria’s mission, talking to customers about their food restrictions, perfectly dipping the gelato and helping form new smiles almost every day to even managing to learn to smile by yourself! 

Working together with you not only got us fruitful results but also, increased our motivation to initiate more ideas to the project on hand. Personally experiencing Halal in order to understand their problems and the limited food options when they visit Japan, was an experience of personal development for everyone in the company working hard every day to overcome the food barrier that foreigners (or people, in general) with special restrictions feel when they visit Kyoto. Your clever ideas while forming the Gelateria’s pamphlet and the determination to promote it have brought us this far and this contribution will surely make a big impact someday. Your positive outlook on everything and anything will prove to be useful in your future endeavours. 



Thank you for feeling at home in Japan and at the company. As a fellow intern who will leave exactly a month after you, lets remember what our time in Prema has taught us and the motivation we received after serving gelato (‘omotenashi’) and watching our customers smile wide. Here is one of those places where we really feel we are working towards the bigger goal of world peace (be it by working at the Gelateria or on the Beyond Food Barrier project). Let us continue to work on own and find out ways to make sure the person right in front of us can live comfortably. 

Take care.

We’ll definitely miss you loads.

See you later, maybe back in Kyoto or in Vietnam. 


The fellow intern from India.


P.S – Customers who enjoyed being served gelato by Nhi, today is her last day at the Gelateria so stop by before 6pm! 

As for an update on Kawasaki-san’s cooking ventures, she prepared a vegan spicy salad today with many fresh vegetables (hope this makes to the restaurant menu list!!) She has definitely mastered the art of appealing-through-presentation and is on the way to achieve the suitable taste and nutrition. 


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