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milk, non milk and vegan gelato

Every time when we try to make new flavors there’s an option between milk gelato and pure vegan gelato.

In Japan most of the gelato are milk based.
Although for some ingredients combining with milk will either lead to a success or ruin the whole thing.
For example, we don’t use any milk for “Mellow green tea” (includes honey made in Myanmar) because by using milk the aroma will disappear.
The option of adding flavoring agents are not on our list.

If you come to our store you will notice there’s “milk based” “non milk based” and “vegan” gelatos.
You might think animal products and vegan products at the same place is odd.
But there’s a reason for that…

“We want to overcome food barriers”. This is indeed the baseline.

We want to create a place where everyone can be happy.
For instance, if one of the family member is vegan and and the rest of the member eats pretty much everything
no one has to worry if there’s anything to eat when they come to our store.
There is (and will be) a flavor for each of you.

We believe there is an opportunity to understand others who are vegan.
And that is why we have a creation of gelatos.

Trust me you’ll be surprised that vegan gelato tastes this good.
It’s just my opinion but I myself (not vegan and don’t have any food allergies) prefer vegan gelatos.
Surprisingly good, no GREAT!

It really is sensation!!!
Oh I used the word “sensation” here as well 😛

Anyway, please come say hi and bring your friends and families.
Seems like gelato o’clock to us 😉


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