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Wonder of Milk

When you think of gelato, I think milk is the first ingredient that comes up to your mind.
But for some flavors, it is better if made without milk.
Not only for allergic reasons, but for to get the best flavor.

For example, we don’t use milk to make Houjicha (roasted green tea) flavor.
This is because milk protein has the effect of banishing aroma that we want from the tea.
In that case, flavoring agents have to be added.
Of course we didn’t want that, so not using milk was the solution.
That’s how you can enjoy houji-cha aroma 100% coming from the tea itself with our gelato.

On the other hand, Tofu flavor we have here is milk based though you might think why not to use soy milk since tofu is a soy product
Yes, our gelatiere tried to make one with soy milk, but it turned out to be too much soy flavor that ruined the tofu flavor itself.
However, once made with milk, surprise surprise it became a milky beautiful gelato that you can still taste the tofu.

I thought this was a very interesting fact about milk.. what do you think?

Milk based or non-milk gelatos, they are both creamy and delicious!
Why don’t you try to taste the difference that milk makes today at our gelateria 😉

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