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So what is gelato?

Ciao gelato lovers!

As you like our gelato and reading this blog, I thought you would be interested in (or probably already know) what makes the difference between ice cream and gelato.


Let’s learn this today and go show off your new knowledge to your family and friends!


First of all, ice cream contains more fat than gelato.

This is because, as you can imagine from the name, ice cream uses more cream than milk, while gelato uses less cream and more milk.

Also, ice cream contains more air than gelato.

It can go up from 25% (good quality ice cream) to 90% air content (cheap commercial ice cream).

The more air, the fluffier it gets. The less air, the richer it gets.

That’s why gelato has its rich characteristic compare to most of ice creams.

Whichever you prefer, this is the secret behind the texture difference.

As you know, we are specialized in non-milk/vegan gelatos.

It is not an easy job to create a similar texture to milk-based ones.

However, if you’ve ever tired  our non-milk flavors, you must have realized that it is possible to have that creamy rich texture.

There is also a temperature difference that distinguishes gelato from ice cream.

Gelato is served slightly higher temperature than ice cream because of its fat content, (which is lower than ice cream).

For this reason we recommend that our gelato is best eaten in our store as it is served at the correct temperature.

However if you wish to take our gelato home, you can!

We have 120mL cup (500yen) and 500mL tub (1,500yes), and we’ll give you the instruction how to enjoy gelato at home so no worries!


Could you learn the difference? Do you now feel like having gelato? 😉

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