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Better name, better place

Hello again!

Sorry, if we’re disturbing you with so many posts… but we think sharing even small details to our customers are important!

Because our gelateria is not just a normal gerateria (you will know more about this in the future posts).

Previously we posted the new 8 flavours which are especially for pure vegans and vegetarians.

The flavours were decribed like this ↓

•Special Sicilian Pistachio

•Belgium Chocolate

•Irabu Island Kokuto and Organic Kinako (Japanese dark brown sugar and roasted soy bean powder)

•Yuba (film that forms on the surface of boiled soy milk)

•Organic Hemp Seed

•The Wonder of  Olive Oil and Almond

•100% Rice Made: Roasted Brown Rice Caramel

•100% Rice Made: Dreamy Rice

However, later on my boss suggested me for descriptions that are more attractive.

And then… they came up with these beautiful names for each characteristic gelatos↓

•Finest Sicilian Pistachio

•Belgium Chocolate with Dutch Cacao

•Okinawa Organic Brown Sugar and Organic Kinako (roasted soy flour)

•”Zen” Milky Fresh Yuba (Japanese traditional Tofu skin)

•Organic Canadian Hemp Seed

•The Wonder of  Organic Spanish Olive Oil and Organic Almond

•100% Rice Made: Roasted Brown Rice Caramel

•100% Rice Made: Milky & Dreamy Rice

What do you think?

Now do you feel like having a scoop to help you cool down;)?

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