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The Secret of Our Well Known Store|素敵な記事♪(ENG)



Ciao gelato lovers!


It’s a little cold here in Kyoto. But no worries! Those of you who want to enjoy our gelatos at home. Take out and online orders are available!

Here’s a story we would like to share:)

One of the customers who came to our store in Tokyo wrote about us on her blog.

She wrote “popular/ well-known gelato store” , although we started our journey as a gelato store last April. There are so many stores with a long history (especially) in Kyoto. We are still sparkling new. Thinking of a reason why we are called “popular gelato store” and we came up with a reason.

The gelato recipe that we create is not made by only fresh and super luxury ingredients but with ingredients that takes a long time to create. Freshness is not the only key to make something great. For example “Miso” takes at least a year to mature. In fact Prema’s original “Traditional Rice Miso ~Wooden Barrel Aged~” takes more than three years to mature!!!

In fact, there aren’t any ingredients that are simple as cooking rice, in our 100% rice made gelato. After months and even years, spending a looooong time to produce each ingredients. Even for the roasted brown rice, you might think 1 or 2 hours to roast them! Uh uh 48 hours!!!

“That’s far from freshness  isn’t it?”


The combination and the balance of the fresh ingredients and matured ingredients, as a whole recipe, makes our gelato different and special.

For our customer’s health we add organic baobab powder to our gelato. There are even trees said to be 5000 years old.

And coral powder from Yonaguni Island is 100.000 years old! How surprising is that!!

Our store is open for one and a half year but we are using ingredients that takes a very long time to create in the nature world. So in a way our store is still very new but very old.



The new open Tokyo Nakameguro store is built 60 years ago.


We would like to appreciate the antiquity and create something new by creating revolutionary ideas.

Sooo as we are said “ the popular store”, we will try our very best to make even tastier and delicate recipes.


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