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Gathering stories | 日々のネタ作り



It’s almost a year since I graduated from uni and started working at Prema. One of my co-worker told me at the beginning “time flies much faster once you start working full time” (this is very true).


正しくしないといけない という考え



Looking back, our president told me to change my awareness to

“Doing the right thing→ Expose your daily improvement”

It sounds really simple but I tend to bottle up my emotions so expressing myself to others is difficult. Although when I thought about “failing is not a matter” “show your weakness”, can’t deny I felt relieved.






Today I was feeling blue.

I guess everyone will experience really bad days once or twice or maybe more in a lifetime, and try to paint yourself in a different color. But there are also things that you realize, like amazing co-workers who warms you up inside.  Who truly cares about you and give a big hug. Our president whose insanely busy but still spares time talking to each one of them.

When I nipped out for a while, there were various goods on my desk. Thanks to the staff working on the same floor. I appreciate all the things that my co-workers did and would like to give back someday.



I’m not of a writer, not a huge fan writing down my thoughts… However comparing to last year, I feel like I’ve improved a bit since I’m writing this blog:)

One said “Life is all about gathering stories”, whether it’s good or bad. Pretty sure that my 2nd year at Prema will be full of intriguing stories.


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