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Award Winning Dream Set!

Ciao Gelato lovers!

Did we keep you waiting?

Well, no more!

In the grand commemoration of the double award winner Vegan Gelato Maestro Mr Nobuo Nakagawa at The Associazione Italiana Gelatieri (Italian Gelato Association) SIGA, a sponsored international gelato contest held in early 2018, we are selling gelato sets – 100 only!

So what are you waiting for?

Try your luck and be one of those 100 lucky receivers!

We are a Kyoto based natural gelato store where non-mil vegan gelato is prepared with all the know-how (and affection)! Would you like to enjoy the award-winning flavours at the SIGA contest at the luxury of your own home?

Please, by all means, do so on this occasion!

【2018 International Gelato Contest Winning · Exhibition Flavor Set】

Awarded Flavours:

SORBETTI DAL MONDO/Sorbetti of the World
① Vegan Yuzu and Mandarin orange, Orange’s Solve Sunflower Honey – 3rd rank

MILLE IDEE PER UN NUOVO GUSTO/Lots of ideas for new attempts
② Vegan Mariage of Hojicha and Matcha – 10th rank

Other entries:

③ Vegan “Italian Chestnut and Hazelnut Nocciola

④ Vegan Cheese prepared with White Miso

⑤ Full Bloom Fragrance: Vegan SAKURA

⑥ Painting an early summer: Vegan Plum Sorbet

Each: 120 cc 600 yen

2018年国際ジェラートコンテスト 受賞・出品フレーバー 20180206

2018 International Gelato Contest Winner · Exhibition Flavours

Please Note:

This is a special set that reproduces all the recipes that were sent to Italy for the competition. In particular, please understand that sugar content is set 1 to 3% higher than ordinary goods in Japan, please order accordingly. (We can not accept claims concerning sweetness in gelato flavours of this special set).

Rest assured, our vegan entries don’t include any honey nor animal material.

Repeat, vegan does not use honey nor animal material.

Sending it frozen by post · cooling materials = 3600 yen 
Unprecedented W Award Commemorative Shipping · Cooling Materials Service 3600 yen (tax included)
※ Hokkaido additional shipping + 800 yen Okinawa additional shipping fee + 1600 yen

↑ ↑ ↑

Please make sure to specify the delivery date from 7 business days later. Delivery may be subjected to delay if you put our fixed holiday (Wednesday) in between. We will deliver by Kuroneko Yamato Cool flight (frozen).

※ Fixed holiday every week · Wednesday
To order from this page, please click HERE! (Japanese version only)

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