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Ciao Gelato lovers,

If you are a vegan travelling or living in Kyoto (and love our vegan gelato), here is what you should be exploring right away! The city of Kyoto is blessed with veggie ramen at a super cosy restaurant named ‘Towzen‘.

Address: 13-4 Shimogamo Higashitakagicho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture 606-0865, Japan.

Official Website HERE


I went there with my lovely housemate and kinda boss, Ms Kawasaki, who had tried it out in the summer of 2017 and was kind enough to tag along with me for this amazing lunch experience. To be honest, the day we went was extremely cold with the winds from the West being the coldest they could be and walking from the nearest bus stop to TOWZEN was a hassle as, by the time we reached the restaurant, we were literally frozen!

From its exterior, one may think that it’s not a very popular restaurant or only the people in the nearby area visit it (aka the regular customers) but to my surprise, there were backpackers as well! That was explained by the Couchsurfing sticker on the restaurant’s porch! If I ever need to couch surf in Kyoto, this would be it (I mean, you could eat ramen for every breakfast!)

The staff was very kind! The main chef/owner let us use his 炬燵 (kotatsu), a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon, or heavy blanket, upon which a table top sits and underneath it is a heat source (portable electric heater), or the heater is nowadays often built into the table itself. That literally saved us as we literally entered frozen like we just came from Antartica!! (I’m from a super tropical country so my winter tolerance is practically zero!)

The interior of the restaurant was very cleverly done. For example, they had a board where everyone stuck the currency of their own country and tons of pictures from the owner’s abroad travelling experiences. 

One would think that this restaurant should be advertised heavily due to the availability of veggie ramen. But, in my opinion, a precious find such as this restaurant will automatically become famous when people catch up with such a trend. Hence, one may say that this place is renowned amongst foreigners (backpackers or foreigners who live in Kyoto) but not so much amongst the Japanese locals. Regardless, for people who are tired of having pork ramen etc. here is the place for you to try a new genre of ramen!


Here is a place where you will feel like you’re having a meal at the peace of your home!

And once you’re done having delicious vegan ramen, don’t forget to come to Premarche Gelateria for some rich, smooth and mouth melting gelato that will complete your meal! We are waiting for you with hot beverages and about 46 flavours of gelato! 

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