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How I treat myself

Everyone enjoying the summer vibes?


Recently wanted to start something new so I decided to participate in a full marathon this November.

Track training was a thing for me in junior high and high school but that’s in the faaaar past.

(actually not that far but it’s almost 5 years after I stopped running)


Since there’s a goal now, decided to take running seriously again.

Whenever I have a day off or free time after work, just wear my sneakers and go for a long run.


Although there’s always an excuse not to run…

Especially when you didn’t have enough sleep, ate too much the day before and the list goes on and on.

Working at Premarche Gelateria, it’s almost impossible not to have a bite of gelato.

Without noticing my hands reach to the incredibly delicious and creamy dessert.


Never felt guilty of having a bite or two:)

On the other hand, there’s the other me trying to stop because I know it’s addictive. (not blaming. Just telling you the truth how good it really is.)


So made myself a promise!!!

Going to treat myself only when I ran at least 30K (a week) in total.

And I’m going to write it here otherwise it’ll be hard to keep my words.


One of the thing to achieve a goal is never feel sorry for yourself.

That’s why I won’t hold up on eating gelatos.



It’s almost weekend so treat yourself with a delicious gelato<3

Open form 12.00 to 18.00;)

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