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About sugars…

Normally homemade gelatos are sweetened with glanulated sugar from sugar cane just because it has clear taste and of course is cheap.

However, we never use refined sugar cane sugars that has to be imported.
Instead we use “Beet sugar, Brown sugar, Sugar comes from fermented grains, Fruit
sugars etc..”.

The gulanulated sugar can be 10 times cheaper than the sugar we use.
Of course we can make a lot of money if we use them but we’ll never do.

“We’ll never sell or use materials unless it is safe for our children and our people to eat” This is the attitude we have towards our business.

If consuming sugar or other substitutions causes even a slight risk to your health, we think that there must be a merit that goes beyond the risk.
(Since we are making our own gelatos here, it is possible for us to provide variety of flavors even with no-sugar or no-milk)

We also have established a company in Miyakojima in Okinawa where we grow varieties of vegetables and fruits and sugar cane is one of them.

Sugar cane farming uses huge amount of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, and also farmers’ lives are supported by subsides to protect their business from cheap imported sugars.
Sugar cane farms are supposed to be the first one to disappear if TPP takes in place.
However, we’ve been trying very hard to produce pesticides and chemical fertilizers free sugar cane and its distribution in new perspective.

We make gelatos by ourselves because we don’t want to ruin the material, which has so much minerals and rich flavor, by mixing it with other materials at sugar factory.
If you don’t know about the story behind our gelatos, 500yen for one scoop can be seemed a little expensive (especially as we are located in a Shotengai).
However once you found out about the value of each ingredient we use, we are sure that’ll change your mind.

We will try to sell gelato at this price as a place where provides gelato that can heal your heart, can overcome food barriers and most importantly can make people smile like an innocent child 🙂


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